Annual Leukemia meeting of the Kind-Philipp Foundation in Wilsede

 Wilsede is a very particular place: scientists from all over Europe arrive in Undeloh (nearby Hamburg) and take horse-drawn carriages that transport them to Wilsede, passing a unique landscape (Lueneburg Heath). Also Wilsede by itself presents with a unique scenary: old house with reed-roofs, a restaurant and the famous and large Wilsede barn which is the congress site. All participants can now join four days of cancer science in a charming ambience, with nice accomodation and “local cuisine”, including the grilled and famous German black heath (Heidschnucke).

Since 25 years, always in the early days of June, cancer researchers are meeting here to share their data and results. Wilsede is an opportunity for young researchers in the field of pediatric cancer. In a climate of trust and confidence, latest research data will be discussed with experienced colleagues. Everyone who had ever the chance to attend one of these meetings wants to come back. This is the spirit of our annual Wilsede meetings which we’ll try to keep up also in the future.

On every meeting, keynote lecturer explain to young scientists cutting edge knowledge. Sessions are kept in a tight schedule to allow ongoing discussions thereafter. Wilsede is scientific friendship and a good platform for young researchers to get acknowledged.

This year we started to internationalize the meeting. This allows all english speaking colleagues to join us for this meeting. Thus, the annual Kind-Philipp Leukemia meeting in Wilsede will become a visible international science congress. I hope you can join us in the future.

Finally, we are indebted to a number of organizations and companies who through their financial contributions were and are very important to this meeting. Therefore, we would like to use this page also to offer our heartfelt thanks to these supporters whose valuable assistance enables us to continue and grow our successful meeting on childhood cancer research.

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Organisation Team

Prof. Martin Horstmann, Astrid Evert, Prof. Martin Stanulla, Silva Torggler, Prof. Rolf Marschalek