Wilsede Meeting 2010

XVIII. Wilsede Meeting

June 19 -23, 2010
More information: http://wilsede-meeting.com

Session I: Stem Cell Ontogeny and its Niche

Chairs: D. Williams (Boston) and A. Zander (Hamburg)

Alexander Medvinsky (Edinburgh): Hierarchical organisation of the developing HSC lineage in the AGM region

Georges Lacaud (Manchester): Haematopoietic cells are generated from a haemogenic endothelium through a Runx1 dependent process

Toshio Suda (Tokyo):  Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Hypoxic Niche

David A Williams (Boston): Rho GTPases in normal and leukemia stem cell niche function

Session II: Cancer Immunotherapy and Prognostics

Chairs: N. Kröger (Hamburg) and G. Riethmüller (Munich)

Els Goulmy (Leiden): Immunization by and immunotherapy with haematopoietic restricted minor Histocompatibility antigens


Session III: Transcriptional Control of Cell Fate

Chairs: K. Welte (Hannover) and C. Bonifer (Leeds)

Amanda Fisher (London): Resetting the lineage clock – how does reprogramming work?


Session IV: Stem Cell Regulation and Therapy

Chairs: R. Küppers (Essen) and R. Hehlmann (Mannheim)

Tsvee Lapidot (Rehovot): Dynamic interactions between the nervous and immune systems with the microenvironment regulate normal and leukemic human stem cells

Cynthia E. Dunbar (Bethesda): Functional significance of the interaction between hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and osteoblasts via a specific polarized membrane domain

Paul Frenette (New York): Neural regulation of the stem cell niche

Michael Andreeff (Houston): Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) in the tumor microenvironment: biology and targeting

Ralf Küppers (Essen): Opportunities for Young Scientists and Clinicians

Boris Fehse (Hamburg): LeGO vectors – colourful building blocks for multiple applications in cell biology studies

Hans Stauss (London): Generation of antigen-specific naïve, effector and memory T cell populations by TCR gene transfer