Dear Wilsede Friends

In the Tradition of four Decades Wilsede Meetings „Modern Trends in Human Leukemia“ Olaf Neth started 2012 Sevilla-Wilsede Meetings “ Modern Trends in Infection Diseaeses and Immunology”  to open a window from South Europe to Africa for “Science to Life” to help the anaemic, infected and leukemic Children in the poor countries.

The Wilsede Participants like to support in terms of personal academic informations and hand to hand support in bloodcell diagnostic with the more than 100 years bloodsmear (Blutbild und Urinstatus).




Links (pdf):

Howard Temin: The Role of Viruses in Human Leukemia

Sol Spiegelman: The Relevance of RNA-Directed DNA Polymerase Activity to Human Neoplasia

Harald zur Hausen: The Role of Viruses in Human Leukemia

Don Pinkel: Treatment of Childhood Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia


Robert Gallo: Opening Lecture Aids Kongress Hamburg 2003

Av Mitchison: Sixty years of Immunology

Tim Hunt: Getting in and aut of Mitosis

Mel Greaves: Genetic Architecture of Leukemia

Karl Welte: G-CSF, a wonderful molecule

Roland Mertelsmann: G-CSF in clinical practice

Rolf Neth: 40 Jahre Wilsede Meetings


Introduction “ Modern Trends in Infectious Diseas and Imunology”,

 Sevilla 2012 

As an active Wilsede Participant in Wilsede and the joint Wilsede Meetings in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Chernobyl I experienced meeting and bringing people together for “Sciencetransfer with Social Awareness”. Hans Stauss introduced me in Wilsede to Av Mitchison and I had the Chance to start to learn Immunology in London.

I have been talking to my father Rolf Neth about the atmosphere  in the Wilsede Meetings “Modern Trends in Human Leukemia” and liked the idea to start a joint Wilsede-Sevilla Meeting concentrating on children with severe infections and immunodeficiencies. This would give us the chance and opportunity to open another door and involve spanish speaking countries, a bid like it has been previously done in East Europe.
In Octuber 2012 we had our first meeting in Sevilla called “ Modern Trends in Infectious Diseas and Imunology” adressing  hot topics in infectious diseases and immunology and due to the good local response are aiming to repeat this on an anual basis.
Future topics will include the importance of the peripheral blood smear in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases.
Olaf Neth