Volga - Wilsede Meeting 1990

Discussion of the ideae of an joint Wilsede Meeting on the Volga June 23 1988 in Buchholz

Elena Frolova, Joseph Chertkov, Elena Elsner, Hanne-Lore Neth, Rolf Neth, Alexander Friedenstein, Boris Afanasiev.

VolgaWilsede Meeting I Moskau/Volga

13.6-15.6. 1990, Organisation: Elena Frolova, Gregory Dolganov

Janet D. Rowley: Human Leukemia Genes: Search for the Villains http://science-connections.com/trends/science_content/85.htm.htm Robert C.Gallo: Human Retroviruses: Linkage to Leukemia and AIDS http://science-connections.com/trends/science_content/86.htm.htm

Foto Gallery Volga Wilsede Meeting

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Every day we dream of freedom and peace, for us this door is open, let us go through. Moscow, 13 June 1990, Rolf Neth