News September 2013 - Wilsede goes to Russia

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Wilsede goes to Russia

During the first Wilsede Meeting “Modern Trends in Human Leukaemia” in 1973, we discussed the origin and function of blood cells.

In 1909, Alexander Maximov described the lymphocyte as the common stem cell of various blood cells. Nearly 80 years later, in 1988, Alexander Friedenstein reported in a special lecture „Stromal-Hemopoortic Interrelationships: Maximov’s Ideas and Modern Models“.

Im ersten Wilsede Meetings “Modern Trends in Human Leukemia” 1973 diskutierten wir Bloodcellfunctions and Origin. Alexander Maximov hat den Lymphocyten als gemeinsame Stammzelle der verschiedenen Blutzellen 1909 beschrieben. 1988 hat A. Friedenstein in seiner Speciallecture „Stromal-Hemopoetic Interrelationships: Maximow`s Ideas and Modern Models“ über Maxomow berichtet..


Fred Stohlman, Rolf Neth

Ron Mc Caffery, Robert Gallo, Wilsede 1973

Alexander Maximow 1909 St.Petersburg,

Berlin, Chicago

Alexander Friedenstein

Wilsede 1988

1990 at the Volga-Wilsede Meeting in Moscowa Robert Gallo gave a special Lecture followed by and interview on “human retrovirus linkage to leukemia and aids”.

In Leningrad, today St. Petersburg, Axel Zander and Boris Afanasiev planned to develop BMT Unit, which has meanwhile been completed and named the “Raissa Gorbatschow Institute BMT Center“.

Together with Valery Savchenko and Andrey Almazoff we set up a haematological school in Moscow, which presently advises more the 20 leukaemia centers. In Chernobyl we provided information and helped on site.





Interview Robert Gallo

Volga 1990

Andree Vorobiov, Rolf Neth,

Alpa Peled, Tschernobyl 1991

Michail Gorbatschow,

St. Petersburg 2002

Scientific cooperation with many Russian scientists was started and intensived during meetings in Wilsede, Hamburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Chernobyl.

The „ 16th Annual International Meeting of the Institute of Human Virology”, in partnership with the global Virus Network and the Moscow Center for HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention“, is a particular highlight of the cooperation of East-West science and should be documented in the new Wilsede Portal 2013.

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