Newsletter January 2015



Science-Connections-Wilsede tells about the succesful Wilsede Experiment with world wide opened windows for more than 1000 participants started1973 in the 300 years old De Emhoff in the Lüneburger Heide.

Wilsede Meetings 1973-2014 Full Text “Modern Trends in Human Leukemia I-X

The Science-Connections-Wilsede game started as a “Kind of Synthesis of Human Learning” (Glass Beat Game) in which we discussed themes such as a scientific idea, a musical phrase, a creative picture or a philosophic thought.


40 years Wilsede Support 1973-2013 - The spirit of Pastor Bode will help to keep the discussion forum open for students and scientists for the next 40 years in Wilsede.

Internet  Portal for free Science Information Transfer with awareness of social responsibility,

Inspired by Picasso 1901, Barbara von Suttner, Nobelpreis 1905 , Max Planck last Lecture 1947,

Severin Cullis Suzuki UN talk in Rio Social 1992, Malala Yousafa Zali Nobelpreis 2014

De Emhoff, build 1670   Hans Eidig Lecture 1986

Pastor Bode Lecture 1980 East-Europe Acticities


Wilsede Magic  




IT Erik Stunkat      Multimedia Wulf Neth       Printed Michel Weidemann

Selected Manuscripts “Modern Trends in Human Leukemia I-X” , 1974- 1992, Special Lectures, Multimedia

Unexpected Klicks, Charly Chaplin, In and Out Wilsede, Musik and Genes, Evolution, Blues, Virus and Cancer, Blueprints of early life, Fantasy of Virus from inorganic world, Aids

James Clark  Maxwell , Heinrich Hertz  and Max Planck recognised that light is also an electronic wave movment in space.

Albert Einsteins Frage als Junge “Kann ich das Licht einholen?” Ist bis heute nicht beantworten.

„Der Zuspruch macht heimisch in einer langen Herkunft“ Martin Heidegger in Der Feldweg.

This inspirations were not hope of profit, but rather the dream of new freedom – this hope we share.

Alfred Nobel preserved the inspiration of Bertha von Suttner “Science with Social Awareness” with high respect.

Hamburg, 2014

Rolf Neth