News March 2014

News March 2014

1973 the Wilsede Meetings started as a “kind of Syntheses of human learning” in which science ideas and creativ thoughts about awareness of social relewance were  discussed.

Max Planck with his son Erwin (

*executed Febr. 1945)

Science Connections Wilsede

Boris Fehse and Niklaus Krüger, XX Wilsede Meeting 2014


Robert Gallo and Rolf Neth 1973

Axel Zander and Team, 2008

40 years ago, 1973, we met in the 300 years old “ De Emhof” in Wilsede for the first time - hear and read some snippets of the discussion.


H. zur Hausen, R.Gallo, F.Stohlman




High qualified Scientist participated with special lectures, found time for personal discusions and informed in interviews.

Robert Gallo

Mel Greaves

Tim Hunt

Ave Mitchison

W. Ostertag

Don Pinkel

H. zur Hausen

Janet Rowley

Special Lectures: Susomo Ohno Music and Genes 1987 and 1988 . Alexander Friedenstein Stromal-Haematopoetic Interrelationsship: Maximov’s Ideas and Modern Models.

Egon Degens Clay Minerales; Blueprints of early life , D.C. Gajdusek Fantasy of a Virus from the Inorganic World .

D.Gajdusek Klaus Munk:  Martin Raff:  

John Kersy: Egon Degens:

A. Friedenstein (1990):  Postkutsche

2013 we start an easier structured and more recent Internet portal “Science-Connections-Wilsede” with a modern surface for “Science to Life”, plant as scientific discussion forum for pupils-students-scientists

School Teaching, 1973

Tim Hunt, Rolf Neth, Rüdiger Hehlmann:

Hamburg Lecture

Robert Gallo, Students:

Science Discussion, Wilsede

Max Cooper, Robert Gallo, Don Thomas, Peter-Hans Hofschneider:

East Europe Activities, Science and Medical Help arrived via Wolga  Moscow, St.Petersburg and Chernobyl .

Wolga 1990:  Chernobyl 1991:

St.Petersburg 2007, Conference with M. Gorbatchov:

Haematological School,Moskowa 1992, Valery Savchewnko, Andree Vorobiov:

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) and Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) recognised that light is also an electromacnetic wave movment in space. Their inspiration was not hope of profit, but rather the dream of a new freedom-this hope we share. Wilsede-Science-Connections will become an Internet Portal for Science information-transfer and social responsibility. Millones of anämic,infected, Malaria, Aids and leucemic children asked for Diagnoses and wait for therapeutic help.

In Wilsede, “ return to the future” we discussed Maximow and the Hämopoese  and learnd in 40 years the new molecular genetic technics (20. International Leukemia Workshop / 625. Anniversary of Heidelberg University) , Rudi Jaenisch Temin Lecture Heidelberg 2004, in Science Channel Wilsede) but still respect the more then 100 years ( Virchow, Ehrlich, ) use of the bloodfilm.

The Bloodcelldiagnoses informed about reactive and proliferativ changes in the Bloodcellfunctions.


The bloodsmear is a simpel, cheap and a succesful Diagnostic Methode, described normal and pathologic Bloodcells and can help the Children world wide more than the modern, expansive “ Klick Automates”. (LI mein Buch)



Normal Bloodsmear with Erythrocytes, 2 Granulocytes,

1 B-Lymphocyt, 1T-Lymphocyt

Blutbild und Urinstatus